Class 11 English Snapshot NCERT

  Class 11 English: Snapshot


NCERT Class 11 English Snapshot entails some of the notable works of literature that improve learners writing and reading skills. It makes learners familiar with the writing flair of the notable writers from the country and across the world.

In the syllabus of Class 11 English Snapshot improvises students’ vocabulary and their grip over the English language. It also inspires students to pursue the discipline and to be familiar with the depth of the discipline and make a career in that direction. The book helps students to understand abstract ideas and exercise the power of thinking to develop their own perception.

NCERT Class 11 English Snapshot also gives students an emotional ride by exposing them to various real-life situations and human values like empathy, compassion, love, care, and to correlate with their own perspectives as well as to discover the nerves of human to human relationship.

The NCERT class 11 English Snapshot includes eight lessons eloquently elaborated with logical sequencing of the subject matter and proper placement of the concepts.

Writing Skills like Note-making, Summarising, Sub-titling, Essay-writing, Letter-writing, and Creative Writing is also an integral part of NCERT Class 11 English Snapshot.

  1. The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

The summer of the beautiful white horse gives a brief account of the story about using easy language. In this story, the author describes one of his childhood incidents. He becomes very nostalgic when talks about this incident. The incident revolves around his cousin Mourad and a beautiful white horse. In this story, we learn about the author’s cousin, Mourad, in detail. He goes on to tell about his caring nature, his sweet behaviour and how everyone loved him in the village. Learners also know about Mourad’s eccentric demeanor and his specialty of remaining calm even in the most stressful situations. The story also weaves the tale of some incidents with White horses and how they got that beautiful horse.

  1. The Address

The story is written by Margo Minco. It gives a detailed account of the chaos which follows a war. Learners understand what war does to humans and their behaviour. We feel the equal pain, grief, and same level of mental torture the survivors of war had to go through. It is about the author’s story, who is a Jew and returns to her native home after the war. After experiencing and suffering many losses, she even loses her loving mother. The story also narrates about how she handled the world alone after passing through and so much pain. The story also explicitly uncovers the world’s cruelty towards the oppressed people. The author realizes a lesson in a tough way that nothing is kept in materialistic things and she gives everything up. Thus, the story sensitizes students about human pain and self-actualization.

  1. Ranga’s marriage

This piece is an interesting take on the story of marriage written by Masti Venkatesha Iyengar. The writer tells about a very interesting and funny incident from his life. It is about the village of Hosahali and a boy whose name was Ranga. The boy is the first one to go to Bangalore to learn English from his village. The narrator, also a character in the story decides to marry off Ranga to a suitable girl. Learners know about various practices involved in the marriage arrangement and what all takes place in that duration. The story depicts about marriage and villager’s lives in an interesting way.

  1. Albert Einstein at School

This inspirational lesson is an extract from ‘The Young Einstein’. Patrick Pringle is the author of this book. The author has beautifully narrated about the troubles Albert Einstein was facing when he was a child and a below-average student in school. The lesson tells us that he did not like school that much and how Albert defied the traditional methods of learning and teachings. He always felt like a square peg in a round hole, when it comes to school culture. The extract also tells that how the teachers also did not like him because he questioned things and raised valid points and left teachers unanswered. Students in this extract come across an unheard aspect of the genius physicist’s childhood. Students will be able to see how the greatest mind also had to face struggles to identify their own intelligence.

  1. Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a play by J. B. Priestley. In this satirical and humorous depiction of the status of the women, a housewife dedicates all her time in the selfless service of her family but her family always takes her services for granted and never pays attention to her basic needs. The family never acknowledges her services or feels thankful to her for all that she does and she’s been doing all these years for them. Everyone just ignores her and the lesson highlights this issue, which is very prominent and relevant today in almost every house. Also, the issue the play raises is very genuine and it can’t be set by mere changes in the personality of family members. The chapter teaches a much-needed lesson to the male dominating society and the families where housewives have no better value than a maid.

  1. The Ghat of the Only World

Amitav Ghosh depicts a beautiful picture of the fulfillment of a promise by a friend. It is a much deserving tribute to the notable Kashmiri poet Agha Shahid Ali. In this story, Shahid made the author promise to write about him after his death. This promise was made before Shahid suffered from a brain tumor and ultimately succumbed to death. This is a heart-warming story about friendship and commitment. The author fulfills his promise he made to Shahid Ali who is no longer alive. The lesson centers on Shahid, what were his likes and what was his way and philosophy of living life. The Ghat of the Only World discusses Shahid’s immense love for Kashmir. It also talks about Shahid’s interest in music, literature, art, and food. This chapter is also a philosophical ride to look at life. This piece of work is one of the best works in NCERT Class 11 English Snapshot.

  1. Birth

The story begins with Andrew Manson, a medical student who had a tough argument with her girlfriend so his mood was very low on his way back home. At home, he found Joe Morgan who was desperately waiting for him because his wife was expecting the birth of their first child after a long twenty years of their marriage. After reaching Joe’s house Andrew discovers her wife in extreme labour pain and she was under anesthesia, and a lifeless child was born. The child was pale and looked like he had witnessed suffocation. Andrew recalls a similar case in medical school, so he started working on the child and after half an hour of hard work, he manages to save that little life.

  1. The Tale of Melon City

This remarkable work is about how a melon, following a surprising custom, was chosen to become the king of a state by the citizens. It eloquently describes the events leading to such a situation when no one but a melon was selected and coroneted as the king.

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