Class 12 Accountancy I NCERT

Not for Profit Organisations and Partnership Accounts.

Chapters Covered in this Book:

• Chapter 1: Accounting For Not-For-Profit Organisation

• Meaning And Characteristics Of Not For Profit Organisation

• Accounting Records Of Not For Profit Organisations

• Receipt And Payment Accounting

• Income And Expenditure Accounting

• Balance Sheet

• Some Peculiar Items

• Income And Expenditure Account Based On Trial Balance

• Incidental Trading Activity

• Chapter 2 : Accounting For Partnership: Basic Concepts

• Nature Of Partnership

• Partnership Deed

• Special Aspects Of Partnership Accounts

• Maintenance Of Capital Accounts Of Partnership

• Distribution Of Profit Among Partners

• Past Adjustments

• Final Accounts

• Chapter 3 : Reconstitution Of A Partnership Firm – Admission Of A Partner

• Modes Of Reconstitution Of A Partnership Firm

• Admission Of A New Partnership

• New Profit Sharing Ratio

• Sacrificing Ratio

• Goodwill

• Adjustment For Accumulated Profits And Losses

• Revaluation Of Assets And Reassessment Of Liabilities

• Adjustment Of Capitals

• Change In Profit Sharing Ratio Among The Exist-Ion Partners

• Chapter 4 : Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm-Retirement/Death of a Partnership

• Ascertaining The Amount Due To Retiring/Deceased Partnership

• New Profit Sharing Ratio

• Gaining Ratio

• Treatment Of Goodwill

• Adjustment For Revaluation Of Assets And Liabilities

• Adjustment Of Accumulated Profits And Losses

• Disposal Of Amount Due To Retiring Partnership

• Adjustment Of Partner`s Capital

• Death Of A Partner

• Chapter 5 : Dissolution of partnership firm

• Dissolution Of Partnership

• Dissolution Of A Firm

• Settlement Of Accounts

• Accounting Treatment

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